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Ja, vi elsker dette landet,
som det stiger frem,
furet, værbitt over vannet,
med de tusen hjem, —
elsker, elsker det og tenker
på vår far og mor
og den saganatt som senker
drømmer på vår jord.
Og den saganatt som senker,
senker drømmer på vår jord.

Yes, we love this country
as it rises forth,
rugged, weathered, above the sea,
with the thousands of homes.
Love, love it and think
of our father and mother
and the saga night that sends
dreams to our earth.


:heart:Jeg elsker deg:heart:

"Nataly, I tell you this all the time, but I'm going to say it again and again; I love you, and I always will, until the end of time. You make me feel special, like I can do anything; and I hope I can make you feel the same way. I-I can't wait for our wedding... and takk for... c-carrying our children."


"My little brother Emil... Why don't you ever call me by my name..?"

"My children, they best kids in the world~"

"My female counterpart, Nanna. She's a very nice girl, go talk to her."

"My little sister, Bear Island, or Liv and her friend Nuuk. You better be nice to them if you talk to them!"


"You're Nataly's male counterpart, ja? From what I can understand, you're a bit like Dan, but I still would like to be friends."

Jeg Vet Ikke

[ Prety much everyone else]


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Nordic Five


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// This account is canon and non-canon.


My OTP is NorCro; that is Naxylie's OC Croatia. She made the pairing and I support it.
NorCro is the official pairing for this account. It's the reason why I made the account.
I'm open to an occasional crack RP, but it must be in notes

Smut and hardcore gore in notes please. We could get in some trouble if we don't make it private. Fluff is alright as well.

This might seem a bit unfair, but I will only RP with "Ask" and "Role Play" accounts. As for main accounts, you may only ask questions.
Main accounts that I watch on this account are close friends of mine on my main account Rotting-Halo.
I will NOT RP with poorly researched "Role Play" and "Ask" accounts.

If you want to thank me for a watch, please put it in real role play writing (Like I do for both my RP accounts).
Also, if you would like to start a RP by commenting on the profile, please put a minute of you're time into typing at least three more words then "Hello Lukas" or something like that.
you may type in script or print, whatever you want. I don't mind.
NO text talk. Use proper English please.
And if you watch me, I'd love it if you took a minute to start a Role Play on my page.

I know very little Norwegian, and some of the words I know, I am questioning if they are correct or not, so I use Google translate for some of the words I might use. I know very, very little Norwegian history, culture or mythology; So if you could maybe tell me some things (it doesn't matter what, history, culture/traditions, or mythology) I'd really appreciate it, and it would help me out a great deal.

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  • Naxylie
    Donated Sep 3, 2012, 1:27:55 PM


Land-of-Magic's Profile Picture
Lukas Bondevik

Kingdom of Norway


Norway has short, light blond hair, that turns platinum blond in Spring and Summer. His bangs fall to his eyes, or a bit longer, and partly pulled back by a gold, Nordic-cross barrette. There is also a small, sometimes unnoticeable curl that floats independently beside his head.

His eyes could also change colour, depending on his mood. His eyes are usually a shade of blue, but when he is around someone he is fond of, or his lover, his eyes can turn a shade of purple.


Norway is very insecure. He will have a calm fight with you if you compliment him on something.

Lukas is - and always will be - vey shy. He blushes easily, and doesn't like to talk about a lot of things, including his past relations with other countries.

He loves to get away. He likes to vacation, but mostly got to his house hidden in the mountains.

Lukas is very quiet. A lot of the time, it's hard for him to say what he's thinking, but maybe he's just too shy.


Reading - Give him any book, and he'll... most likely... read it.

Instuments - Other then her three-necked violin, Norway loves his Norwegian wind flute.

Closet Metal-Head - Dispite everything, Norway loves metal music. He'll never tell anyone about it though, you have to see him when she hears metal music playing, he's a total metal head.

Animals - Norway loves bunnies and cats. He really does, other then the White-throated Dipper and Elk, those are his favorite animals.

{Out of character}
"In character"

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